I’m doing a study right now on the book of Leviticus.  As you can imagine it is one of the most neglected books of the Bible, yet it plays an essential role in God’s word and gives us vital contribution to our understanding of our relationship with our Creator God. 

The key thought of Boyfriend Bears is purity which in essence is the same as Leviticus, which emphasizes the holiness of God and of man. The goal of our Christian walk could be summed up in the statement “Be holy (pure), because I am holy (pure)” (Leviticus 11:45).  The definition of holy is ‘that which is perfect, good, righteous, and whole’.  It goes without saying that holiness/purity is best exhibited in God Himself, “I the LORD your God am holy”. (Lev. 19:2). 

What does it mean though to be pure/holy? It means to be separated from sin and devoted to good (both relationally and morally). Every expression of morality given to us by God is rooted in the reality of His complete wholeness displayed by His holiness.  In contrast, the word profane (perverse) means ‘that which is secular, unconcerned with spiritual or righteous purposes’.  The basic idea of holiness is that of separation from all that is polluted, defiled, and deadly. Holiness embraces purity and moral integrity. Holy living does not restrict people from enjoying life’s fullest joys. It saves us from the encroachments of Satan, sin, and self, nullifying their destructive and deadly purposes.  Living a life of purity by definition protects us to live an abundant life ~ to its fullest measure ~ the life that Christ died for us to have before sin entered this world.  Yes, purity is a battle, but Christ already won the war, so the real question is: Are you willing to embrace Him before any other, to return to His ideal for your life?