Valentine’s Day, dances, dates, the list goes on and on. Sometimes it feels like if you don’t have a boy or a crazy party plan for the weekend you can’t have any fun. We’re here to tell you that that is not the case.

About two weeks ago, a local school hosted a dance. As a teen board, we decided that it would be something really fun to do. Did we have dates? No. Did that stop us? Not a chance. We all got together and had a lot of fun getting dressed up and doing our makeup. Then we sat through the large amounts of photography our families inflicted upon us. (You know the drill.) After that we headed off to the dance and it was a blast! We had so much fun!

So what is our point in telling you this? Though dating is fun and boys aren’t bad, sometimes the world makes us feel that if we don’t have those things we can’t have fun and we aren’t worth anything. But girls, the world is so wrong on that. Hanging out with all of these girls through the years of high school has been such a blessing. Looking back, every time that we’ve been together, growing as friends, has been amazing and fun and some of the best times of my life.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges. We’ve had our rough times too, our challenges and disagreements, and individual times in our lives when things haven’t been going great. But that’s the beautiful thing about friendship. There is always someone there to help you out and to give you a better perspective.

So don’t worry about not having a boyfriend, focus on developing friendships with your girls. As you do, you will grow, and when the right guy does come along, you will be more yourself than you have ever been because of the girls who helped you get there.

Stay strong and be women of God. Let your girlfriends help you with that.

Love and Hugs,

Madison and McKenzie