Rain pours on the pavement, making it slick and shiny.

The sky opens with white piercing light onto the street below.

A human figure takes shape from the gloom.

The stars watch from the night above as he walks below.

The lighting won’t touch him.

The rain does in torrents.

And it seems to the passerby, that maybe the rain is coming from him,

Such is his sadness.


Author; McKenzie Young (Boyfriend bears Teen Board)

The people blame him for the rain.

They open their umbrellas and glare.

His mouth smiles at them while his eyes internally cry.

Where is he going?

No one knows.

But they let him go.

They do not want him here.

He knows.

He walks.

The rain patters.

And he walks.

They watch his shadow crest a hill in the distance.

And he raises his arm in a wave.


They turn their backs.

Light flashes, thunder BOOMS.

The umbrellas snap and fall like distant trees.

The black clouds above swirl with newer, cleaner ones.

A battle rages.

The clouds split and float away.

The stars shine bright.

The people remember the hill.

They turn.

The man is gone.

The tree on the hill where he stood is split in half.

The light of the moon shines on the wet pavement.

And people ponder the man.

He had come with the storm and it seemed his leaving had forced the storm to leave too.

But as people do, they forget the man.

Until on a sunny day, the storm long forgotten, he comes walking again.

A ghost, a hero, a friend?

They don’t know. They will find out.

And someday they will tell their children

The story of the man.