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There’s no argument that our kids today are growing up in a hyper-sexualized environment. Everywhere they turn they’re bombarded with images or language that make sex seem like a casual thing or a rite of passage. On this broadcast, hear from a mother-daughter duo who are fighting against that message. Hear more about their plan to help girls choose spiritual, emotional and physical purity.

Curriculum: Purity is a Battle

Purity is a HEART issue!

It’s a lifestyle, a daily choice, and a commitment to God. But purity is also a battle, because making good choices and living a life full of freedom isn’t easy. Join the Boyfriend Bears Teen Board (high school girls), as they share from their personal experiences and discuss some of the Bible verses that have helped them in their struggles and fight for purity.

In this four session, DVD based teen group study, you and your friends/youth groups/daughters will not only be encouraged but will also learn about faith based values and how to apply them to your life. Designed to be used in conjunction with the Purity is a Battle session guide book, our Purity is a BattleLeader’s Kit has been created to equip leaders of all ages with the tools needed to facilitate the Purity is a Battle session in their home, school or church community.

Preview a sample of our Purity is a Battle session guidebook here.

At the end of the session each girl will be given the opportunity, if she wants to, to make a commitment to strive for purity in her life. She will then receive her very own Boyfriend Bear as a sign of her commitment to purity, to give as a gift to her husband on their wedding day.

After girls have participated in a session they are encouraged to dig a little deeper into God’s Word and spend the next 30 days reading and reflecting on scripture. There is a 30 day Bible Study included in the back of each Purity is a Battle session guide.

Our prayer is that the Purity is a Battle message will reach girls’ hearts and encourage them to make good choices which will allow them to live a life of freedom.

Our Curriculum Focuses on Four Main Points:

What is Purity?

Purity is more than just not having premarital sex. Jesus defines purity as a heart issue.

Why Wait?

Since purity is a heart issue, committing to sexual purity is one way that we can obey God and honor our relationship with Jesus. Moving toward sexual purity strengthens our relationship with God.

How Can Purity Become a Lifestyle?

Give our heart to Jesus. (That’s what He wants most of all) Outward purity is impossible without inward purity. When we commit our heart to God, the Holy Spirit works in us to make us pure.

What Now?

After learning about purity, God’s design of sex, and how to live out faith in obedience to Christ, it is helpful to have a visual reminder of a commitment to purity. That’s what the stuffed Boyfriend Bear is for. Not only is he cuddly and huggable, he is also that visual symbol of a heart’s commitment to God. He even has a secret pocket where girls can tuck away special treasures.

We know how difficult it can be to pursue purity in our culture today; everywhere we turn we are bombarded with messages that tell us differently.  We are here to tell you that there is Hope!

Preview The Leaky Balloon Illustration

The Bible tells us in Psalm 139:13-14 that…
We are fearfully and wonderfully made! However, today in our society, people tend to value what’s on the outside more than what’s on the inside.

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