Purity is a HEART issue! It’s a lifestyle, a daily choice, and a commitment to God. But purity is also a battle, because making good choices and living a life full of freedom isn’t easy. Join the Boyfriend Bears Teen Board (high school girls), as they share from their personal experiences and discuss some of the Bible verses that have helped them in their struggles and fight for purity. In this four session, video based teen group study, you and your friends/youth groups/daughters will not only be encouraged but will also learn about faith based values and how to apply them to your life. Designed to be used in conjunction with the Purity is a Battle Session Guide, this Purity is a Battle Leader’s Kit has been created to equip leaders of all ages with the tools needed to facilitate the Purity is a Battle session in their home, school or church community. Session Titles: What is Purity? (18 min) Why Wait? (14 min) How Can Purity Become a Lifestyle? (18 min) What Now? (18 min)