Meet our Volunteer Board of Directors

Board of Directors ClarkClark Wiese: I’m Clark, Chairman of the Board and the father of Madison Wiese. I specialize in strategic planning, marketing, sales, HR and project management. I have over 25 years of consumer products experience; 5 with Nestle USA and the remainder with Frito Lay North America. While with Frito Lay, I had the opportunity to gain valuable business, people and collaboration skills while in the Portland, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco markets. I’ve spent the last 8 years supporting our Midwest and Pacific Northwest Sales regions in a field consulting and project management capacity. I received my BS from Oregon State, enjoy skiing, mountain biking, and kayaking. At an early age, my grandmother taught me that “family is the best investment” and investing time, energy and resources to help our daughter develop and expand her mission is a pleasure. I am also blessed to contribute to the lives of the Teen Board and teens in and around Whatcom County. I continue to be amazed by God’s blessing for her mission.

Board of Directors AleshaAlesha Wiese: I’m Alesha, Executive Director of Boyfriend Bears and Madison’s mom. I have been married to my wonderful husband Clark for 25 years and am the mother of two amazing teens, Cameron and Madison. I hold a BA degree from WWU and worked in the consumer product industry before choosing to stay home full time. I have been a stay at home mom and volunteer for many years and have thoroughly enjoyed serving in many different roles; ranging from working directly with kids to serving on committees and boards. I give God all the glory and praise Him for planting the idea of Boyfriend Bears in my daughter’s heart! It has been so exciting to see His plans revealed this past year as Boyfriend Bears has experienced tremendous growth but most importantly has impacted the hearts of Madison, our Teen board and many young girls in our community and beyond. I believe that it is not our ability but availability to God and when we truly submit to His plans, amazing things can happen.

sheilaSheila Veldman: Iʼm Sheila, and am truly so excited to be joining the team of Boyfriend Bears! I have been married for 23 years to my husband Eric, and we have 4 amazing children — three girls and one boy, ages 15-21. My heart completely goes out toward the temptations our youth of today face. We are raising our children to be intentional in their decisions with the choices they face in fitting in with todayʼs culture. These choices range from music, media, clothing, peers,…etc. When I met Alesha and her daughter a year ago I just fell in love with their mission and immediately wanted to be part of it. My girls have attended sessions and have been quite touched and encouraged as well. I am so thankful for the courage my children are developing to stand firm in their desire to remain pure. I am so thankful as well for the passion God has given to Madison and her team to stand firm and fight this battle for modesty and purity. 1 Cor 10:13 God is faithful!

Board of Directors KarenKaren Johnson: Hi, I’m Karen Johnson and I am so excited to be part of the Boyfriend Bears board. I have served at the Whatcom County Pregnancy Center counseling girls in possible unplanned pregnancy situations and helping them consider the consequences of their choices. After three years in this ministry I felt the Lord calling me to take a break. Shortly after leaving the clinic, my daughter, Bridget and her friends became very passionate about pursuing teaching the choice of purity to young girls through Boyfriend Bears. The Lord has used my time at the pregnancy clinic to see the need for girls to commit to purity at a young age. I feel privileged to pray for and with these girls and I love supporting, encouraging, and helping to direct them in this vital ministry.

Board of Directors KaitlynKaitlyn Holmgren: I’m Kaitlyn Holmgren. I studied Nonprofit Leadership and Management at Arizona State and graduated Spring of 2015! I grew up in Bellingham, WA and graduated from Sehome High School. I have always been very active in sports; I love to play basketball and soccer. I’m also very interested in art, mainly spray painting anything I can get my hands on. But where my heart is really at, is on fire for God. He is the love of my life. I have chosen the path of Purity, and I want to be a helping hand to the next generation! Boyfriend Bears is an awesome organization that teaches girls the tools they need to actively wait. “We love because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19. God is LOVE.

Board of Directors StacyStacy Mouat: My name is Stacy Mouat (pronounced “mow it” :)). I have been married to my husband Will for 24 years (and counting). We have 4 boys ranging in age from 13-21. My passion for purity began after my oldest son attended a 3-week purity class at our church. The class ended with a purity ring ceremony and my son making a pledge to abstain from sex until marriage. Shortly after that we moved to Lynden, WA and had to change churches. Our second oldest son (who is only 14.5 months younger than the first) came to me one day and asked if there was a purity class at our new church that he could go through, because he saw the impact it had made on his older brother and he wanted to be a part of it. In talking with our youth pastor I found that there wasn’t anything set. Being a teacher myself, I offered to help him find a curriculum and help him get something going. In my research I found that there were a ton of books on purity, and resources for parents but nothing really directed at teaching a class to teenagers in a group setting. Over the next year I began to read a ton of books and gather information, then put together my own purity curriculum which I called PACT – for Purity, Abstinence, Consecration, and Truth – based on Biblical principles. Once completed, we were able to offer it to boys and girls at our church in a five week session, culminating in a purity ring ceremony. We had approximately 13 girls and 11 boys attend all five sessions and “graduate”.

After that I was approached by Boyfriend Bears about the curriculum, which they have been able to condense down into a Power Point presentation to go along with the Boyfriend Bears Training Sessions for girls.

I am amazed at how far away from God’s standards, especially in the area of purity, that our society has strayed, and in such a short amount of time. I strongly believe that we, as mature Christians, need to take a stand together to protect our youth and take back ground from our adversary in this area – beginning in our own homes. That is one reason I didn’t just dismiss the idea when my youth pastor said there was nothing set. I sought out an answer and found a solution! Organizations like Boyfriend Bears is doing the same thing – providing necessary resources to educate and prepare our youth for the future that God intends for them to have, teaching each person to see themselves as valuable and worthwhile; and that sex is a gift from God to be cherished. By doing this our youth are less likely to sell themselves short by buying the lie of the enemy that God is holding out on them – and makes choices that will not only affect them now but for a lifetime, having an eternal impact!