As teenagers we are always looking for ways to be “free” right? Whether it’s finally getting the long-awaited license or the new “IPhone 6s golden IOS 7 when will they stop updating this thing” to talk with friends (and check Facebook 50 times per day), we’re always looking for freedom. (Yes I know that type of IPhone doesn’t exist…it’s an exaggeration people.)

But look at the cases when people do things because they are trying to be rebellious and free. What usually happens? They speed and get a ticket (that one’s from personal experience.) Or they go out and party and then get kicked off teams. They text compromising pictures of themselves and then those pictures get spread around. Noticing a pattern here? Those things that the world tells us will make us “free” just cause a lot of destruction, a lot of sadness, a lot of pain. If someone asked you the definition of freedom, would you define it as destruction, sadness, and pain? Of course not. So what is the definition of freedom?

The Encarta Dictionary defines freedom as “a state in which somebody is able to act and live as he or she chooses, without being subject to any undue restraints or restrictions.” Ok I know, that sounds like it contradicts some of my point but wait, because here comes the kicker.

At the beginning of each of our sessions, we go over the definition of purity. In the dictionary, purity is defined as freedom from sin and guilt, innocence chastity. Freedom from sin and guilt. Freedom.

Ok imagine this:  There is a God. The one true God. He makes plants, animals, the earth, the whole universe. Then he thinks up people and adds them too. But these, people, how he loves them. He comes up with the idea of freedom, that these people will be completely unhindered by the knowledge of good and evil and just know good. That they will live unburdened by death and destruction. But things happen, bad things. Then, many years later, God sends a piece of himself to earth to be with these humans as one of them. He grows up among them and makes friends with some of them. Finally, he does something that is so unexpected, so crazy, so out there that no one believes it. He, being God, dies on a cruel execution device bearing the weight of the sin of all of humanity. And the thing is this plan has been in motion since the beginning of sin. And for what? So that he could restore that first, pure freedom to this humanity that he so loves.

But the sad thing about all of this is that we look at this beautiful story of redemption and love and we weigh this freedom against that of this world, a paler version of freedom that always ends in enslavement, and we choose the paler version. We choose it.

Everyone struggles with this. This choice is, in fact, why there is sin. Because humanity chooses the darkness over the light. But people, we have a better option. We have the best option. I think we might want to consider it. 

McKenzie – Boyfriend Bears Teen Board