A New Beginning!

“I was 15 when I gave, a stranger to me today, the most precious gift you can give to your husband. This is a choice girls, a lifestyle, and a journey. It’s the pursuit of purity.” _______________             As Dannah Gresh, a national purity author spoke, I sat moving my feet through the cold, green [...]

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Do you Trust Me?

This is the exact question that I have heard over and over these past few weeks as I have been praying about the future of Boyfriend Bears.  I have experienced self doubt in regards to a major decision that I have made for our organization and through it all I continue to hear in a small quiet voice...Do you trust ME? [...]

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Let GOD have it!

Life can be extremely stressful and busy.  There isn’t often a time where nothing is going on.  Whether its sports, dramas, youth group, or homework there is always places to go and people to see.  Sometimes it’s hard to just sit down and spend time with God. I know this because it was exam week [...]

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